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New Vehicle- 20 Year Warranty. Used Vehicle-6 Year Warranty
All Slipstream Warranties- NON TRANSFERRABLE. No Annual Inspections. Refer to Warranty Terms and Conditions for details 


Protect your investment- Prevent Rust

Electronic rust slows down the chemical reaction between the steel in your vehicle and the oxygen, chemicals, salt and moisture that cause rust.
The electronic rust system is designed to protect areas where spray rust just can’t reach and can never fully recover.

Metal panel include:

  • Roof, pillars and sills
  • Doors, bonnets, boot
  • Underbody

The electronic rust system works 24 hours a day and will not affect battery life. 



The ultimate Glass Plexin technology to preserve and protect the variations of modern vehicle paintwork, including hard and soft clear coats maintaining its deep gloss providing an even greater protection against environmental factors which can cause irreversible damage.

Lets face it , first impressions count. Having Slipstream’s highly developed Paint Sealant applied to your vehicle will guarantee to lock in that original paint code colour thereby eliminating any chance of fading and premature aging.

The ULTIMATE in NANO technology to protect your vehicle by:

  • Sealing and protecting your paint work
  • Enabling for deeper gloss and clarity of your paint work
  • Eliminate colour fading and oxidisation
  • Unrivalled Protection System For YOUR Vehicle

Slipstream Nano Guard Protects Against:

  • Bug Splatter
  • Bird & Bat Droppings
  • Tree Sap
  • Industrial Fallout
  • Acid Rain
  • Salt Spray
  • Berry & Fruit Stains
  • Grime
  • Grease & Road Tar
  • Watermarks
  • Colour Fading



The inside of your car is subject to repeated traffic and abuse. Like it or not food, shopping spills, pets, perspiration, odours, dirt, grease and grime are a fact of life and unfortunately contribute to the deterioration of a vehicles interior.

 Our unique blend of ingredients adheres to each individual fabric and carpet fibre creating a powerful defence against unsightly stains. A once only application designed to strengthen and maintain that “factory fresh new car look and feel.”

Vinyl and leather areas are nourished, sealed and protected for everyday use  and the unforseen accident, and will extend the life of the vinyl and leather.

Fabric & Carpet Protection

The ULTIMATE in NANO technology to protect your vehicles interior by:

  • Adhering to your vehicles individual fabric and carpet fibres
  • Creates a powerful defence against unsightly stains
  • Maintain that "factory fresh new car look and feel"
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR Vehicle
  • Repels Oils, Water, Food & Beverage based Stains
  • Stops: Odours, Fabric Fading, UV Rays
  • Non Toxic

Vinyl & Leather Protection

The ULTIMATE in Protection for your Leather and Vinyl:

  • Bonds and protects your vehicles vinyl and leather
  • Eliminates splitting, cracking and fading
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR vehicle
  •  Blocks Out UV Rays
  • Non Toxic



  • Titanium Kinetic uses advanced Cerami-glass technology to preserve and protect the variations of modern vehicle paintwork.
  • Titanium Kinetic contains titanium and silicone dioxides. Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring dioxide. Commonly used in sunscreen, it has an exceptional refractive index, strong UV light absorption and demonstrates resistance to discoloration.
  • Silicone Dioxide is the glass component of the cerami-glass technology. Used for centuries for hardness and protection without reducing visual activity, it is a time proven method.




Whether you’re 18 or 80, SPF Automotive Window Film is essential for everyone. This stylish quality film will not only dramatically improve the look and comfort of your vehicle ; it will also provide added security for you and your passengers.

The ULTIMATE in vehicle window film:

  • Stylish, quality film
  • Ensures 99.94% UV Protection
  • Allows for up to 60% heat and glare reduction
  • Darkest legal limit
  • Vivid optical clarity
  • Reduces load on air conditioning
  • Bonds the glass together in the event of an accidentt
  • Designed not to impede night driving
  • Metalised/Scratch resistant
  • Increased Security
  • Warranty
  • Unrivalled Protection System for YOUR vehicle




  • all exterior painted surfaces
  • all leather and vinyl surfaces
  • all fabric and carpeted surfaces
  • Including: Dashboard Console, Door Panels, Sun Visors, Boot Surrounds & Carpets, Seats & Headrests, Doors, Bonnet, Roof and Boot Lid.


  • Unrivaled Protection System
  • Australian Made for Australian Conditions
  • National Warranty
  • No Annual Inspections